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Dryer Vent

Cleaning  & installation

Dryer vent cleaning  is not something that most of us pay a lot of attention to.  In fact, most people rarely can say that they have clean dyer vent inside there houses. Clogged dryer vent can be the reason your clothes are not dry after a drying cycle, have a strange odor or the top of your dryer is unusually hot while working. There can be many negative consequence of clogged vents, but the major source of it is lint.


Lint is produced during the drying process after the water is removed and there are many reasons for it to block the airflow. First of all, the reason could be a bad connection of vent to dryer itself. What is more, nowadays the majority of dryer vents is made of plastic, rather flexible comparing to metal ducts. This may often result in numerous bends, breaks and cracks leading to the formation of lint build-up in its turn preventing the house owners to have a clean dryer vent.


As a homeowner, when you’re trying to reduce the energy consumption of your appliances is something you start to pay attention to, with your dryer always being at the top of the list of high energy consuming appliances. Regardless if you have an EnergyStar certified appliance, if it's overworked, it's going to use more energy. There are so many things we can do around the house that can make noticeable differences in lower energy consumption and reduce our utility payments having a clean dryer vent at the same time, and a professional dryer vent cleaning

Benefits of having clean dryer vent:


  • Dryer Clothes

  • Reduced Energy Costs

  • Cleaner Air

  • Good Dryer Performance 


It's always a good idea to perform a dryer vent cleaning along with any other cleaning you’re doing. The main reason for a fire outbreak in houses is due to clogged dryer vent. Additionally, the lifespan of your dryer is reduced due to the overworking caused by uncleaned dryer vent. As a homeowner, performing this simple saves you money long-term, and makes you responsible with the equipment you operate. Call today to learn about our dryer vent cleaning


Our Professional Dryer Vent Installation & Repair Services


  • Vent Installation

  • Vent Rerouting

  • Vent Repair

  • Booster Fan Installation










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